No Run – still on top of Uetliberg

Mountainbike: Zürich – Uetliberg – Zürich, 17.1km, 537hm

Sunrise at the top of Uetliberg (ZH). Combined with loads of snow. Breathing out in the freezing air. – This was one vision I had when starting this blog. But the above-mentioned scenario is depending on many criteria (having time, feeling fit, weather conditions, snow conditions, etc.) and I still could not manage to fulfil this dream so far. It even seems that it will not happen this winter at all since snow got quite rare at Uetliberg, temperature is rising and days beginn earlier and earlier.

However, this Sunday I changed the idea of my vision slightly and made an amazing experience. Instead of running up to Uetliberg and down again, I took the mountain bike (which is faster and makes me less tired for tennis training afterwards).

First outdoor ride this year, -2C°, sunrise before the climb, and blue sky on top. Video is on top, photoshot see below, and results are here.

Nice atmosphere on top of Uetliberg at 7.30am.
Nice atmosphere on top of Uetliberg at 7.30am.